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Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is leading the way teaching people like you on how to skydive! Learn to skydive via the self-paced digital courses that are interactive, comprehensive and taught by industry leaders!

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    Ben Lowe

    DZO of Ultimate Skydiving Adventures & Pro Skydiver

    About Ultimate Skydiving Adventures

    Ben Lowe founded Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in 2017 as he wanted to create a high-tier training center and a welcoming atmosphere for those trying skydiving for the first time. Ben is a former Wingsuit World Record Holder, National Canopy Pilot champion and earned the Chelsea Judy Award for his safety contributions to safety in 2011.

    What will you get?

    • All about how learning to skydiving works
    • Steps to becoming a certified skydiver
    • Next steps after getting certified
    • Discover Wingsuit skydiving
    • Testimonials of previous students who have earned their licenses
    • Deals on upcoming courses