We welcome licensed jumpers from around the world at our dropzone!

Welcome to our little dropzone nestled on the western slope of Colorado! Our unique location not only offers stunning views, but world-class instructors, operations, and modern facilities. We are also the proud host of the annual skydiving event called Cessna Fiesta held in September.
Ultimate Skydiving Adventures operates year round and jump from 7a to 2p daily. 

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We are located in Delta, Colorado, approximately 45 minutes south of Grand Junction, 5 hours west of Denver, and 5 hours south of Salt Lake City. We operate from March through November jumping from the hours of 7a – 2p.

We look forward to welcoming you to the biggest little dropzone in Colorado!

  • 2 Cessna 182’s (and occasional visiting aircraft)

  • Jump from 9,000′ AGL or hop-n-pops 3,500′ AGL

  • Field Elevation is 5,190′

  • Will need to present a logbook and proof of a license

  • Can fill out a waiver in person or HERE

  • Indoor, shaded packing area

  • Monthly load organizers for RW, Freefly, Angle and Canopy

  • Master Rigger and rigging loft onsite for reserve repacks, repairs or other rigging needs

  • USPA Instructors and S&TA are available to work on in-air and/or ground training or issue exams for licensing requirements.

  • We do not use Burble, however, we manifest by account. You can put money on your account at the beginning of the day or leave credit card to pay out at the end of the day.

  • Gear rental is $25/jump plus a pack job


Currency Requirements


Not Jumped In:

2mo – 1yr
Basic Refresher w/EP’s, Recurrency Test, Coach Jump [assess altitude awareness, freefall control, tracking, pull sequence, canopy control and landing]
Over 1 yr
Full Ground Refresher Class, Recurrency Test, Coach Jump[assess altitude awareness, freefall control, tracking, pull sequence, canopy control and landing]
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Landing Area Procedures

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures utilizes a is a left-handed pattern landing either to the SW or NE. The “Pro Pad” located closest to the main hangar is only for tandems, instructors and/or those with 500+ jumps. The three landing priorities are: level wing, clear open area, and landing with a flare.


Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is located in a 3,000 square foot hangar that has a restroom (with heated toilet seat!) and a shower. There is also an indoor, padded packing area with a Master Rigger and loft available for all your rigging needs. There are training rooms, debriefing stations, creepers, and a shaded spectator area to watch jumpers. There is a large, dirt landing area with tent camping and RV parking allowed with prior approval.

earning your skydive b-license
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Ultimate Skydiving Adventures


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