Join the adventure earning your skydiving license with highly experienced instructors who are passionate, innovative and stoked to teach you how to skydive!

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is a top-notch skydiving school providing innovative and tailored training methods to meet each student’s unique learning styles to help you earn your solo skydiving license and beyond! Discover the skydiving certification requirements, costs, and more by scrolling down!


Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is excited to announce the Learn to Skydive online series! Learn to skydive online with highly qualified professional skydivers in this self-paced, interactive digital course. For first time solo skydivers, begin with the First Solo IAD course then follow up with the in-person 3 or 7-day skydive training.



Initial Ground School






Earning a skydive certification requires commitment. Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we do things a little differently – we train skydivers. You will only see solo skydiving costs for two programs – our 3 and 7-day courses – not per jump as we only train those serious about getting into the sport.
* The online Ground Training Course must be completed before the in-person training begins.
Ground training is self-paced over a 60-day period.


  • For the solo skydiving certification in Delta, Colorado

  • If you are doing the in-person ground training, you will have a 4-hour course. 

  • For those who completed the skydiving online course, your in-person practical will be approximately one hour or less. 

  • Both courses are for the Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) progression where you will begin training from 3,500 feet and progress to freefall jumps once you master the ground preparation, stable exits, canopy flight and landing. 

  • Must commit to the full 3 or 7 days for which you signed up for.

  • Skydiving is a weather dependent sport. If you are not able to get your jumps in, there will be supplemental ground training conducted for the A-License.

  • Plan is to complete 3 to 4 skydivers per day depending on weather and performance.


  • To be eligible for the solo skydiving certification, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. Students wanting to learn that are over 60 years old must call to inquire. 

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes fitting to the weather with close toed shoes (no heels, sandals, clogs, boots or shoes with hooks).

  • Do not wear jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.) that you do not want to lose.

  • If the jumper has long hair, be sure to bring elastic hair bands to put it in a pony tail, bun or braid.

  • The facilities are on a municipal airport, please leave your pets at home.

  • Eat a normal meal before your appointment. (There is no food on site, so be sure to bring a cooler of light snacks and drinks.)

learn to skydive online

Skydiving Courses

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is proud to present the first comprehensive, digital skydiving courses from your first solo skydive to your skydiving certification, and beyond! […]

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Earning a skydive certification is a sublime adventure. It requires gusto, perseverance, awareness, and guts. It’s not every day you’re faced with your biggest fears, then stare out the door of an airplane several thousand feet up with the intent to jump. […]

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Skydive Certification Course

Currency Requirements

Refresher training designed for uncurrent skydivers not meeting minimum USPA recommendations.

IAD Students (and/or no License)

Not Jumped In:

30-60 days
Assessment & Solo jump with 4,500’ Deployment
61-90 days
Refresher Test, Repeat last accomplished level
91 days – 6 mo
Ground Refresher Class, Refresher Test, Repeat last accomplished level
6 mo – 1 yr
Ground Refresher Class, Emergency Procedure Review and instructor
Over 1 year
Full Course; instructor assesses level to complete assesses level to complete
Ultimate Skydiving Adventures Requirements


Ultimate Skydiving Adventures


To book with us, you’ll need to give us a ring to schedule your skydiving adventure. We are open 7 days a week by appointment only and jump from 7a – 12p. We only jump until midday as the afternoons are predictably windy or turbulent which are not ideal skydiving conditions. To be sure we get you in the sky, we book in the mornings.