Do’s And Don’ts of Preparing For Your Skydive: What to Wear?

So you’ve scheduled your skydive & now trying your best to prepare for the big day? Don’t let the preparation overwhelm you – you’ve done the hardest part already by taking the first step & booking! Now, relax & leave it up to us to guide you through some of the most frequently asked questions about your jump day. We want you to have the best skydiving experience just as much as you do! Follow along for some “What to Wear” DO’S & DON’TS:

DO Wear Comfortable Clothing-

Generally speaking, athletic wear is your best bet as this is an athletic activity. However, as long as you are comfortable & have range of motion, then you will be fine (just nothing very baggy or very constricting please). Jeans, for instance,are okay as long as you can move in them – flexibility is key for exit & landing!

DON’T Wear Sandals-

Close-toed shoes are required to make a skydive, so please don’t forget them at home! Shoes that can tie (such as tennis/running shoes) are preferred, if available.

DO Wear Your Contacts/Glasses-

Worried about being able to see? Fear not! We jump in a beautiful part of Western Colorado, so seeing your skydive is half the experience. Whether you wear contacts or glasses, we can accommodate your vision needs with special goggles. If you have recently had Lasik surgery please consult your medical professional.

DON’T Forget Your Hair-

If you have long hair, a braid or low, tight bun is the best way to wear it for your jump. But don’t overthink, as long as it is tightly back and out of your (and the instructor’s) face, then you are good to go!

DO Dress For The Weather-

As far as weather goes, dress appropriately for the current temperature. We do have jumpsuits that will go over clothes to provide an extra layer of protection (& gloves/face coverings if you are jumping with us during the chillier months).

DON’T Wear A Lot Of Jewelry-

Skydiving is one of those events where “less is more”. Since you will be asked to remove all jewelry upon arrival, it’s best just to leave it off that day. We do have lockers available to put belongings in, but why not save yourself a step? It will be one less thing to worry about so you can focus on the excitement ahead!

Thanks for reading! If you still need to book your skydive, please feel free to call the office at 970-589-9490 or email [email protected]. For more information or to read our other blogs please visit our website