Tandem Skydiving

The Ultimate Gift: a Skydiving Experience!

The holiday season is upon us and if 2020 taught us anything, it was to value our time together and to take advantage of pursuing our bucket lists. And let's not forget the science - according to a study reported on Science Daily about consumer spending habits, it's shown people are happier when purchasing experiences over products. We may be biased here, but let us take you through the top 6 reasons skydiving is the ultimate gift-giving experience! 1. Bond Over Experiences Don't get us wrong, material things are nice and often times needed. However, experiences draw you in closer [...]

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

We get it - the thrill of skydiving is so captivating, but... it comes with a cost, right? Yup, we'll be straight up, skydiving IS an expensive sport. The costs add up using airplanes, the rising fuel prices, overhead, instructors, the equipment itself (parachutes, reserves, AAD's, containers, jumpsuits, helmets, altimeters...), maintaining the equipment, and more! It may seem like an overwhelming amount of money, but the great thing about this sport is there are several ways to make it affordable, and it's not all due upfront. So - what is the cost of skydiving? https://youtu.be/aztsSZM1dVw Cost of Tandem Skydive Tandem [...]

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Winter Skydiving in Colorado

Winter in Colorado isn't just for skiing or snowshoeing anymore! Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is excited to announce we are now open year-round! In fact, add to your winter adventures by taking to the skies and skydive! Skydiving and Winter Weather First things first, skydiving is a weather-dependent sport. Winter in Delta, Colorado is generally pretty mild. We don't see the same about of snow down here as we do in our infamous surrounding ski resorts like Powder Horn and Telluride. However, we do abide by general skydiving weather conditions, and here is a list of winter weather and our decision [...]

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Skydiving Health Requirements

Commonly asked questions are about health requirements for skydiving. Here we explain the weight limits, age, glasses, and other health questions for skydiving.  https://youtu.be/vx93mWMgOG0 Weight Requirements At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, there is no minimum weight limit. The only requirement is that a jumper must completely fit in the harness. We do have a multitude of sizes to fit the frame for kids and adults.  We do, however, have weight limits. The maximum weight is 230 pounds and fees for those weighing over 190 pounds. This additional fee is for additional plane climb time, fuel, and wear and tear on the [...]

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Where Are You Located?

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is located on the western slope of Colorado in a quaint town called, Delta. The skydiving center is located 2.5 hours west of Aspen, 2 hours SW of Glenwood Springs,  3 hours SW of Vail, and 2 hours west of Crested Butte. Ultimate Skydiving Adventures 870 1575 Rd. Delta, CO 81401 https://youtu.be/GoIUL6utrQ4   Jumping at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures offers amazing aerial views of the dramatic and eclectic landscapes. Check out more about our views HERE! The dropzone is located off of HWY 50 in Delta, down a country road near the popular Devil’s Thumb Golf Course. As you [...]

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Skydiving Under the Age of 18

Could it be? A place that offers skydiving for kids? Yes, it is and we're so glad you "landed" here! At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we believe the future of skydiving is with the younger generation. We have been in operations since 2017 and have jumped with nearly 500 kids from ages seven (7) to seventeen (17)! What's It Like to Skydive Under the Age of 18? Great question! We have had kids that struggled with some hard life challenges like being bullied at school. We have met kids who have always dreamed of flying like Peter Pan. These kids not [...]

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Tandem Skydive Landings

Just saying the word skydiving can send a rush of adrenaline through your bones! One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What are the landings like?” We’re here to show you all about the tandem skydive landings! Thankfully, parachutes have come a long way since the military days. Technology and innovative designs give parachutes more precision and control to skydivers. Tandem skydiving is being harnessed by an experienced, trained instructor. Since the 2 of you are connected closely together, and since you the passenger are so new to the visuals of flying and landing the parachute - [...]

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What Age Can You Skydive?

How old do you have to be to skydive is a common question when researching. The age varies from country to country and from skydiving center to skydiving center. The bottom line is as long as skydiving centers are following the Federal Aviation Regulations, they are allowed to impose their own restrictions. At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, the minimum age is seven (7) and the maximum age is seventy (70). How Old Do I Have to be to Tandem Skydive in the US? Tandem Skydiving Age Minimum Age Maximum Age Ultimate Skydiving Adventures 7 70 Other Skydiving Centers 18 Varies Minimum [...]

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Aspen Skydiving

If you live in or are visiting Aspen or anywhere in Pitkin County and you are looking for a local adventure nearby, we're so glad you found us! Welcome to Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado! We are the closest skydiving center to Pitkin County where we are just shy of a three-hour scenic drive next to Capital Peak, the historic town of Paonia, and down into Delta, CO on US Highway 50. We'd love to welcome you to the incredible western slop and the world of skydiving by the popular training method of tandem skydiving. And if you find [...]

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Why Choose to Skydive at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures

We know there are many skydiving centers you can choose to skydive at. Most all of them do the same thing: take people up in a plane and drop them out. If you're on a quest to choose where to skydive, we'd love the opportunity to share with you on why you should choose us at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures on the western slope of Colorado! The Culture Skydiving is an incredible sport and can be overwhelming when you first step foot to a dropzone. There are colorful parachutes blossoming in the skies, yells of 'yahoos' and skydivers sharing high fives [...]

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