We get it – the thrill of skydiving is so captivating, but… it comes with a cost, right? Yup, we’ll be straight up, skydiving IS an expensive sport. The costs add up using airplanes, the rising fuel prices, overhead, instructors, the equipment itself (parachutes, reserves, AAD’s, containers, jumpsuits, helmets, altimeters…), maintaining the equipment, and more! It may seem like an overwhelming amount of money, but the great thing about this sport is there are several ways to make it affordable, and it’s not all due upfront. So – what is the cost of skydiving?

Cost of Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydiving prices range from skydiving center to skydiving center and from region to region. The average tandem skydive is approximately $200.

Cost to Learn to Skydive

Again, every skydiving center has its own program. Regardless of where you go, you will need to complete the United States Parachute Association’s ground training, in-air skills, a minimum number of 25 jumps, canopy flight, and landing requirements in order to earn your first basic license called the “A-License.” The average cost to learn to skydive to earn your license is approximately $2875.

From First Skydive, Becoming Licensed, and Buying Equipment Costs

It usually comes as a sticker shock when people see the costs involved, but one thing to remember is that these costs are usually broken down into packages and over time.

Low End High End
First Tandem $199 $259
Second Tandem* $179
First Solo Course $199 $275
Program to A-License $2,500 $3,400
B-License $961 $1,621
C-License $3,936 $8,886
Used Equipment $6,110
New Equipment $11,000


$13,905 $25,620

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