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Skydiving in Colorado is an incredible experience – especially here on the western slope! We are located at the Delta, Colorado airport, Blake Field. Most GPS’s and smart phone apps will get you directly here: 870 1575 Rd., Delta, CO.

Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Colorado, we take kids from the ages of seven (7) to seventeen (17) and adults from 18 years of age or older. If you’d like to know more about kids skydiving under the age of 18, CLICK HERE!

For tandem skydiving: the weight limit is 190 pounds. We will take guests up to 250 pounds with a $2/pound service fee in addition to the total cost of the skydive.

For student skydiving: the weight limit is 230 pounds.

We ask our guests to arrive 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to allow for parking, using restroom if need and checking in. This helps us keep our day on schedule as we have multiple reservations in a day and try to complete our jumping around 12pm. If our day is as planned, then the whole process to skydive from arrival to driving away takes between 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

We do what we can to mitigate waiting times and be as efficient as possible. However, there are things that can cause delays such as late arrivals, weather, or aircraft delays.

We are located on a remote airfield in Delta, Colorado and do not have food on-site. To best prepare for your day of skydiving in Colorado with us, please read HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST SKYDIVE here!

Even though we love furry friends, we ask that you LEAVE PETS AT HOME! The skydiving environment is not dog friendly as they are not allowed inside with the parachute equipment, running aircraft with spinning propellers, and there is no shade or water. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME so you can focus on your skydive!

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