The holiday season is upon us and if 2020 taught us anything, it was to value our time together and to take advantage of pursuing our bucket lists. And let’s not forget the science – according to a study reported on Science Daily about consumer spending habits, it’s shown people are happier when purchasing experiences over products. We may be biased here, but let us take you through the top 6 reasons skydiving is the ultimate gift-giving experience!

1. Bond Over Experiences

Don’t get us wrong, material things are nice and often times needed. However, experiences draw you in closer to the people you’re with. No one understands you better than someone you’ve created memories with. This leads us to number 2:

2. Memories That Last a Lifetime

Skydiving is – for most – a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s one of those things that will live with you forever. It’s the story you tell out at dinner, one you share with your friends, one you boast about on social media and relive it when your memories pop up. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences are best re-lived when documented and we, of course, have video packages to capture the incredible experience.

3. Skydiving is Epic

Ok, we’re biased, but here us out. Skydiving is the sport that puts you in the moment, it’s the one that gets you out of your comfort zone, it’s the thing that helps you redefine who you are and what is possible in life. We know these things because we’ve seen it thousands of times, and it’s happened to us! Not only that, here in western Colorado we have extraordinary views, a professional atmosphere, and a passionate team dedicated to safety.

4. Experiences are Unique

It’s not unique to all have a smartphone, clothes you buy off the rack, or have the same thing as someone else. What makes us all unique is our experiences. They are the things that separate us from the ordinary and creates our unique stories.

skydiving, the ultimate gift this holiday season

5. Invoke Happiness

Anyone can gift a fruit cake, but not everyone can stand out with a skydiving gift card! This is the ultimate gift that makes a statement – you’ve heard the call for adventure and answered with the ultimate experience as a gift and just made the one your gifting to stoked!

6. It Can Be A Family Adventure

That’s right! Kids from ages seven (7) to seventeen (17) can join in on the fun! That means, here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, skydiving is truly a family-friendly activity! Check out our in-depth article about Kids Going Skydiving!


Well, like we said we’re biased, but what we say is true from our experiences. Skydiving is truly extraordinary and if you think this would make the ultimate gift for you or a loved one, we are thrilled to now offer gift cards!