Heart pumping just thinking about jumping from a plane? We get it, we were new once too – nervous of the unknowns and what to expect. Well, we are here to welcome you to the exciting world of skydiving! Here’s a snapshot to help you prepare for your first tandem skydive with us here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in western Colorado!


The weather is fairly predictable here on the western slope of Colorado. Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is nestled in a valley around 5,100 above ground level in Delta, Colorado. This unique location usually gives us a great window of skydiving around 7a – 12p as when the day heats up, it often times causes thermals and turbulence not ideal for skydiving conditions. Since we operate in a small window of time, we do highly recommend reservations. This also allows us to plan for the day and give our reserved guests priority. That being said, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior your booking time so you can park, use the restroom (if needed) and still check in on time!


First, give us a CALL to see our availability. We are open 7 days a week year round, by reservation only. Once you book a time with us, head over to our BOOK NOW page and pay for your jump to confirm your reservation! It’s that easy!


Let’s break down the basics to make this easy to decide on what threads you’ll be wearing for jumping out of a plane!

  • Ditch the designer clothes and go for comfortable clothes that offers you a range of motion. We will also provide a skydiving jumpsuit that will fit over your clothes for the jump.
    • For the summer: running gear, yoga wear, jeans or other light clothing are great options
    • For the winter: choose a base layer like an Under Armour or Smart Wool, then layer up with jeans, cargo pants or other clothes that won’t restrict your movement
  • Wear closed toe shoes and avoid cowboy boots, strappy shoes or sandals. Choose shoes such as Vans – known for athletics, the classic Converse, or just a pair of sneakers in your closet!

what to wear skydiving


Have you ever ridden in a convertible and let your locks fly? Or on a motorcycle? Or just stood outside on a windy day? In skydiving, we fall at approximately 120mph towards the earth! That means, if you don’t tame your mane beforehand, your hair will become very tangled and knotted. Freefall isn’t very nice on hair. Not only that, but your hair may be hazardous if it’s long and flies in the face of your instructor!

Therefore, we suggest braiding your hair – especially French braiding, putting in a tightly wound bun, or pulling it up in a segmented pony tail with elastic bands tied every few inches.

If you have a beard, you’re more than welcome to let it fly free in the wind. Some gents prefer to tie it up if it’s long, while others bring their beard brush and balm to calm the frizzy beards after their skydive.


Contrary to belief, eating IS good before skydiving! In fact, what you eat (and drink) the night before matters too! First, let’s just get this out in the air – we are a federally governed operation by the Federal Aviation Administration. Even though we are in Colorado, there is NO drinking alcohol or smoking or ingesting marijuana before your skydive. We take this seriously because skydiving is a dangerous sport and your participation and coherency on the skydive is crucial. If we suspect or even smell alcohol or marijuana on your or anyone in your party, you will be asked to reschedule with a $75 rescheduling fee on top of your original booking fee. Yeah, we don’t want to be a buzz kill, so keep it tidy and SAFE for your skydive!

Okay – so what to eat or drink the night before: we suggest to eat a hearty meal for dinner. And for alcohol consumption, we use the same rule as aviation (however, if we do smell it… read the paragraph above) 8 hours before your skydive. What to eat the day of your skydive? It depends on the time you jump, but it is important to eat as your body will need the food energy to absorb the nerves of fear and excitement. If you’re jumping first thing in the morning, we suggest a light meal such as a smoothie, toast and peanut butter, or a yogurt with fruit and granola. If you’re jumping in the afternoon, eat your usual breakfast then have a light meal or snack about 45-minutes to an hour before your jump. Great light afternoon meals or snacks would be a turkey sandwich or wrap, acai bowl, protein bars, or any type of light salads.


We keep things simple. All you’ll need to bring is yourself (on time), your photo ID, wearing comfortable clothes and some type of closed toed shoes! And maybe some friends to come watch you land or even jump with you!


We are located on the western slope of Colorado in the town of Delta. We are located just 45 minutes south of Grand Junction off of Highway 50, and 5 hours west of Denver, Colorado. Most smart phone map apps will point you straight to our location at the Delta Blake Field at 870 1575 Rd, Delta, CO 81416. We are located near the San Juan Mountains and Devil’s Thumb Golf Course.


Now that you’re all ready to make your first tandem skydive, give us a call to book today!