Commonly asked questions are about health requirements for skydiving. Here we explain the weight limits, age, glasses, and other health questions for skydiving. 

Weight Requirements

At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, there is no minimum weight limit. The only requirement is that a jumper must completely fit in the harness. We do have a multitude of sizes to fit the frame for kids and adults. 

We do, however, have weight limits. The maximum weight is 230 pounds and fees for those weighing over 190 pounds. This additional fee is for additional plane climb time, fuel, and wear and tear on the equipment. Weight fee pricing HERE

Skydiving Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement for Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is seven years old. However, the maximum age is 70 years old. We limit the maximum age because we have unique conditions that require a level of mobility, strength, and agility to climb in and out of a small plane, maintain a certain body position, and lift your legs for landing. 


If you wear glasses, we have special oversized goggles that will sit right over your goggles so you can enjoy the beautiful views of the western slope. 

Other Health Ailments

If you have minor knee, ankle, hip, back, or shoulder issues, have asthma or wear contacts, we ask that you disclose this information in the paperwork and inform your instructors. If you have heart conditions, or other concerning health ailments, or severe issues with your joints, you will need to consult your doctor and will need written consent to skydive. 

If the instructor is unsure of your minor health condition, they will require written, professional medical consent. 

We’ll make no bones about it – skydiving is a dangerous activity. If you have any questionable medical questions, consult your doctor prior to scheduling your skydive. 

If you have any more skydiving health requirement questions, give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to help!



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