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It’s been a cold winter but we have been busy preparing for the upcoming season and we are looking forward to welcoming more people into our solo skydiving course!

Here’s the details:

Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Western Colorado, our aim is to train those who are serious about the sport. Therefore, we train skydivers! We run a 3-day and a 1-week course.

The 3-day course includes the 4 hour ground training, equipment, instructor, and 10 jumps.

The 7-Day course includes the 4-hour ground training, equipment, instructor, 30 jumps, packing class, and upon completion, eligibility for a basic USPA A-License.

3-Day Course: Monday, February 10th – Wednesday, February 12th
7-Day Course: Monday, February 10th – Sunday, February 16th


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have completed 1 tandem skydive (with us or another center)
  • Must commit to our 3-day or 1-week program
  • Payment due on date of course


3-Day Course – $1000
7-Day Course – $3000


Due to weather and unforeseen circumstances, there may be a possibility when jumps may not be completed in the initial training days. If this occurs, you will schedule an alternate date in which to complete the program.

No refunds, and non-transferrable.