Could it be? A place that offers skydiving for kids? Yes, it is and we’re so glad you “landed” here! At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we believe the future of skydiving is with the younger generation. We have been in operations since 2017 and have jumped with nearly 500 kids from ages seven (7) to seventeen (17)!

What’s It Like to Skydive Under the Age of 18?

Great question! We have had kids that struggled with some hard life challenges like being bullied at school. We have met kids who have always dreamed of flying like Peter Pan. These kids not only jumped, but after their jump, started thriving, doing better at school, became more social, and had a huge confidence boost. However, we figure instead of us telling you, we’ll show you a few videos of some really special kids we got to share the sky with!

Ben Age 7


Sunny Age 8

How Can Kids Really Go Skydiving?

We’re so glad you asked! We wrote a comprehensive article on all the details on how kids can go skydiving, what you need to bring, how to prepare and much more in Can Kids Go Skydiving!

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