Winter in Colorado isn’t just for skiing or snowshoeing anymore! Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is excited to announce we are now open year-round! In fact, add to your winter adventures by taking to the skies and skydive!

Skydiving and Winter Weather

First things first, skydiving is a weather-dependent sport. Winter in Delta, Colorado is generally pretty mild. We don’t see the same about of snow down here as we do in our infamous surrounding ski resorts like Powder Horn and Telluride. However, we do abide by general skydiving weather conditions, and here is a list of winter weather and our decision to jump:

Weather Jumpable Conditions If We Will Reschedule
CLOUDS We must be clear of clouds to skydive If clouds are too low or it is raining/ sleeting/ snowing, then we will have to reschedule
WINDS We must have acceptable winds to skydive If it is too windy, we will reschedule
TEMPERATURE Must be 40°F or above to skydive If it forecasted to be below 40° then we will reschedule

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How Does Winter Skydiving Work?

Great question! Now that we covered winter skydiving weather, the next thing is to prepare for your first skydive. We do require reservations jumping any time of the season, but definitely for winter. You’ll also need to dress appropriately for the day, bring a photo ID, and meet our weight and health requirements.

What to Wear for Skydiving in the Cold?

And skydiving in the winter is very much the same as skydiving in any other season, except colder. So you’ll need to dress for the occasion and know that winter skydiving is very much like dressing for skiing or snowshoeing – minus the snowsuit. However, you’ll want to wear your base layers and your outer layers with warm socks. We will provide a lightweight buff to cover your neck, gloves to protect your hands and fingers, and a jumpsuit for an extra layer for warmth and protection.

Pro Tip to staying warm: Eat a warm meal like oatmeal or eggs and toast along with a cup of coffee or hot tea to warm your insides about 20-30 minutes prior to skydiving. Also, consider wearing shoes that are less breathable like water-proof sneakers to help insulate your feet.

skydiving in the winter in colorado

Experienced Skydivers

Yes! Absolutely there’s winter skydiving for our seasoned skydivers. Winter skydiving for licensed skydivers is definitely encouraged to stay within the currency requirements outlined by USPA.

Winter Views

You know if you’re a skier/snowboarder or snowshoer that there’s nothing like the feeling and the views of being in nature. Seeing it three-dimensionally with a wider peripheral vision in freefall and under the parachute is breathtaking. Most students do not even feel the cold because the adrenaline and the experience is captivating and the views so stunning! It is worth checking out Colorado’s snowcapped Grand Mesa and San Juans from thousands of feet in the air!

If you’re ready to take to the skies and skydive in the winter, spring, fall, or summer, Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is now open year-round by reservations!