Water training for skydivers is an exciting next step after earning the first basic skydiving license through the United States Parachute Association. The purpose of water training is to improve chances of survival if an unintentional water landing happens. What’s involved? A short ground training and simulated water landing experience!

Where Can I Take a Water Training Course

USPA Instructors, Examiners, or Safety & Training Advisors are the recommended people to conduct a water training course. Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we are fortunate enough to have an online course for the ground portion of water training for skydivers taught by professional skydiver, S&TA, USPA Instructor, and National Director, Melissa Lowe! You will need to schedule the in-person practical with Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado to complete the training.

What Do I Need to Attend Water Training

First things first – water training is for skydivers progressing in the sport. If you’re a licensed skydiver, here’s the checklist of what you need:

  • A current A-license
  • Complete the Online Course
  • Access to your USPA account
  • Schedule the in-person practical & pay fee
  • Logbook
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel

skydiver preparing for water training

How Much Does Water Training Cost?

Costs vary at skydiving centers around the world. At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures we make training accessible and affordable.

Online Ground Training $50
In-Person Practical $50

When Can I Take the Training?

You’ll need to either be in the student program or have earned a basic skydiving license to take the water training. The ground training is offered year-round online while the in-person practical training is available from April through September each skydiving season. It is necessary to have completed the online training within 30 days of your in-person practical for student currency requirements.


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What Happens After the A-license?

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