Online Skydiving Courses

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is proud to present the first comprehensive, digital skydiving courses from your first solo skydive to your skydiving certification, and beyond!

What is a Skydiving Digital Course?

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado designed several courses for each stage of your skydiving education, beginning with:

  • First Solo Skydiving Course – the first step in the solo skydive training
  • A-License Ground Course – the second step that covers the ground training requirements in earning your first basic skydiving license and beyond
  • Recurrency Ground Training – a step only necessary if you are a student or experienced jumper that is out of currency and is looking to get back into the sport

Check out our video explaining more about the program!

Who Can Take These Online Courses?

Anyone around the world can take these digital online skydiving courses! However, when considering the next steps after the course and doing your in-person skydive training, you must be the following:

  • You must be in good physical health to skydive
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age or older
  • You must weigh less than 230 pounds (no exceptions)
  • Commit to our 3 or 7-day skydiving course immersion in Delta, Colorado

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How Does It Work?

After signing up and paying for a course, you will be given access to that course for a certain time period. You will need to complete the course, quizzes, and assignments within that time frame, but at your own pace. After you completed the course, you have 30 days to schedule your in-person training. Then, you will be given a final exam, a 1-hour practical, any necessary additional training, and then make your jump.

To enter our student program after the online skydiving course, you will need to commit to our 3 or 7-day course. To learn more about that course, click SKYDIVE CERTIFICATION. This training is only good at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado.


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How Much Does the Digital Skydiving Course Cost?

Online skydive training is an affordable opportunity to be introduced to the world of skydiving. Our course prices are as follows:

Digital Skydiving Course


First Solo Skydiving Course $199
A-License Ground Training $150
Recurrency Ground Training $175

How Long Does it Take to Get Skydive Certified?

The First Solo Skydiving Digital Course is available for 60 days. Then you will enter the in-person 3 or 7-day Skydive Certification immersion at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado. The jumps are weather permitting and tailored to how you are learning. To get to the skydiving license takes about 30 jumps and some complete it within that 7 days, while others take a month or two, and still others take an entire season. It really is up to your availability, weather, and your commitment.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Our digital skydiving courses will be live come April 1st, 2021, however, you can still sign up to reserve your training today! To learn more about the program, sign up, or bookmark the page, click the button below!

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