San Francisco, California was the perfect place for this surfing, rock climbing, and outdoor kind of kid growing up. Neil Moore wasn’t your run-of-the-mill kid, he was the kind that had a great passion for the outdoors, but also having lived in a big city, he was just as comfortable at a rap concert with 10,000 people. It’s no wonder this adventure seeker gravitated towards the sport skydiving!

Neil grew up working on the Marin County Seach and Rescue team in California and later in life was lead to become a wildlife tour guide in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. “Plus I guide moose hunts in Alaska each fall,” he added. “I was always into wildlife and went to school for Wildlife Biology in Montana. I spent several years as a field technician working on wildlife projects around the world from polar bears in the Arctic to mountain lions in New Mexico. My passion for guiding, however, took me out of the research field and I found my way to Jackson, Wyoming to show people the amazing wildlife of the Rockies.

neil moore posing with antlers after a hunt

Neil’s hobbies include the outdoors as much as possible but his main ones include backcountry skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hunting. “I can remember talking with friends my freshman year of high school about skydiving. I was 14 years old and knew I loved heights and adrenaline from rock climbing. I made a commitment with myself that, if I ever got into skydiving, I would skip a tandem and go straight into my class A certification because I knew I would love it.”

In early 2020, when the global pandemic was sweeping the world, was the time with Neil made that commitment and learned how to skydive. “I was fun-employed (without a job) and figured it was the best time to learn to skydive!” he said. “I was guiding a wildlife tour in Jackson, WY. One of my guests (I wish I could remember his name) was a certified skydiver. We talked less about wildlife and more about skydiving that entire tour. He told me about this amazing place called Delta, CO where there’s a world-class dropzone (Ultimate Skydiving Adventures) that can teach you all you need for an A license in 7-10 days. I knew I had to go. I called up the only person who I thought would join me, Tanner Wenzel, and he committed immediately. He’s my backcountry skiing partner, climbing partner, and best friend. He didn’t take much convincing to come with me for our A licenses!”

neil and tanner exiting a cessna in western colorado

“My biggest challenge when I was learning to skydive was learning to land the parachute,” he said. “Different types of parachutes and changing conditions were a challenge on knowing when to flare. I had a couple of rough landings that made me nervous on a few consecutive jumps. I watched my buddy Tanner stick most of his landings and it struck my competitive spirit! I started to breathe deep, slowing things down, and I learned to approach each jump with the mindset that I would ‘stick’ the landings. I’m still not 100%, but I stick most of them now!”

As we reach halfway through 2021, Neil is now only 5 jumps and a watercourse away from his B-license. “Every jump has been special, but my highlights come from a recent event, The Gold Rush Boogie, in Delta, CO. It was my first boogie and first time jumping from a twin otter plane. What a rush to party and jump with so many people stoked on skydiving. I knew the skydiving community was cool but goddamn I love these people!”

neil moore summitting a mountain 

Neil’s goals for skydiving are to now stay current through his season of guiding, earn his C-License, and purchase his own gear. “Long term I have no major goals except to travel, and jump other drop zones around the world. My rig will come with me as I travel and I’d love to make skydiving a part of every vacation.” he shared.

“Ultimate Skydiving Adventures was the best place to learn hands down. It is the coolest community and will always be my home drop zone. I don’t care that it’s an 8-hour drive from me. Tanner and I look forward to going back all the time!”



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