There’s a reason that all sky enthusiasts resonate with the sayings of Leonardo DaVinci. He captured the essence of what most of us feel after flying in a plane for the first time, soaring in a hang glider, or even jumping from a plane:

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return.” – Leonardo DaVinci 

If you are like us and have thought nothing else except for your skydive, and playing reruns in your head of the most spectacular parts – like, stepping out into the wind and feeling your heart in your throat as you tried to wrap your mind around what was happening, then before you knew it you were weightless in the sky…. then perhaps you’re prepared to take to the skies for your second jump!

how to prepare for your second skydive


  1. You’ll need to give us a call to book your second skydive as we plan our day giving priority to our guests who’ve made a reservation. Then you’ll need to confirm your reservation by paying for the second jump HERE (be sure to click on 2nd Tandem skydive).
  2. For many, now that you know a bit what to expect since you’ve made your first jump, you’ll still need to be sure to bring your photo ID, wear some sort of sneakers, comfortable clothes, tie your hair back, hydrate, and be sure to eat a light meal 45 minutes to 1 hour prior the jump.
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early to be sure you get parked, use the restroom (if needed), and sign-in on time to help keep our day on schedule.
  4. The basics still apply! Even though you’ve made one jump, all the little details of the instruction are still incredibly important to help keep you and your instructor safe! Please listen to your instructor!
  5. Have fun! Oh yeah – now you know what to expect, you’ll be surprised about the nerves you feel, but you may also be a little more aware of the experience too! You may notice the sound of the plane humming as it climbs, or notice more of the view in freefall, and find the airport under the canopy! It’s cool to see what starts to come in focus when you start to jump more!


Only those who’ve made their first tandem skydive with us here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures qualifies for our exceptional deal of $99 for their second jump. We appreciate those who do their first jumps elsewhere, but if that’s you, our regular rates apply. This is all verified at the office upon check-in.


That’s up to you! We are happy to take you up again on another tandem skydive, however, you have the option of learning to solo skydive at this point! Since we consider ourselves a school, we accept those willing to learn to commit to the entire process.

learn how to skydive near me colorado

Here are the details:

Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Western Colorado, our aim is to train those who are serious about the sport. Therefore, we train skydivers! We run a 3-day and a 1-week course.

The 3-day course includes the 4-hour ground training, equipment, instructor, and 10 jumps. The 7-Day course includes the 4-hour ground training, equipment, instructor, 30 jumps, packing class, and upon completion, eligibility for a basic USPA A-License. Call for dates and times, or check out the 5 Steps to Learn to Skydive with us:


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have completed 1 tandem skydive (with us or another center with proof)
  • Must commit to our 3-day or 1-week program
  • Payment due on date of course


3-Day Course – $1250
7-Day Course – $3000


Due to weather and unforeseen circumstances, there may be a possibility when jumps may not be completed in the initial training days. If this occurs, you will schedule an alternate date in which to complete the program. No refunds, and non-transferrable.


You can take skydiving as a thrilling experience it is and make tandem skydives, or you can discover more of this incredible sport. Either way, it all starts with making that first skydive, and maybe even a second one. If you’re still dreaming, maybe it’s worth giving it another go!