Skydive Certification at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures

Earning a skydive certification is a sublime adventure. It requires gusto, perseverance, awareness, and guts. It’s not every day you’re faced with your biggest fears, then stare out the door of an airplane several thousand feet up with the intent to jump. That’s why at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we do things a little differently. We train those who want to pursue the sport of skydiving – sorry if this sounds rough – but we don’t train one jump wonders! (Tandems are an exception, we’re talking about those that want to learn to solo skydive.)

How To Become a Skydiver

It is required to make at least one tandem skydive before entering the solo skydive program at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures. This gives you a chance to understand the whole experience from the equipment, etiquette, what it feels and sounds like when the door opens to jumping out, feeling the parachute open, flying, locating the landing area, and landing. In short, it gives you a head start in your skydiving education and prepares you to solo skydive. And heck, sometimes people go through this experience and they realize that this isn’t the sport for them. It can be overwhelming. However, if you land and you are stoked and think of nothing else but getting back up in the air, then it’s time to consider signing up to learn to solo skydive!

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What Kind of Solo Skydive Training Do You Do?

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures trains what’s known as “IAD” or the Instructor Assisted Deployment. It is very similar to the traditional Static Line training, where you will jump from 3,500 feet, exit, and the parachute opens after exiting the plane. Once you master exiting the airplane, then you will progress to freefall. In this training program, we focus on the fundamental key elements of skydiving, and that’s exiting the plane, canopy control, and landing the parachute. We spend more time under the parachute than in freefall. In this training method, you will gain awareness and skills for canopy control and gain confidence in exiting the plane that will last throughout your entire skydiving career.

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How Much Does Learning to Skydive Cost?

Skydive Certification Course Number of Jumps Length of Time What Does it Include Cost
3-Day Course 10 3 days Course, equipment, pack job, ground training, video debriefs $1250**
7-Day Course 30 7 days Course, equipment, pack job, packing class, A-License ground training course, video debriefs, USPA license submission, 30 jumps $3000**

*weather dependant
** Additional jumps are $125/each (includes equipment, pack job & training)

You’ll notice that we don’t do one jump at a time here. As stated above, we train skydivers. When you sign up to learn to skydive with us, we want to know you are committed to learning, just as much as we are committed to teaching you. This is why we require a tandem skydive to begin because it is a big investment into solo skydiving and we want YOU to be ready.*weather depending

How To Get a Skydiving License

There are several training requirements that you must achieve before getting your skydiving license. The skills range from different types of exit positions from the plane, freefall skills, canopy maneuvers, landing, and more. You’ll also note that we go above and beyond the training requirements set by the United States Parachute Association. We do this because we are setting you up for success and longevity in the sport with an education that will empower you.

Here’s a basic checklist of solo skydiving requirements to earn an A-License:

  • Complete the First Solo Skydive Course
  • Have 25 or more jumps
  • Complete ground training requirements
  • Complete Emergency Procedure training
  • Complete a Packing Class
  • Demonstrate Equipment Knowledge
  • Perform and understand parachute and freefall maneuvers
  • Perform and understand plane exit techniques
  • Demonstrate Aircraft Knowledge

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Sign Up for Your Skydive Certification Course

Do you know you’re not a one-jump wonder? Are you ready to make the commitment to solo skydive? Then let’s do this!

We make learning to skydive an accessible journey and can accommodate almost anyone’s schedule for our First Solo Skydive Course. This is a 4-hour course that consists of:

  • Parachute equipment
  • Aircraft Procedures and Emergencies
  • How to Exit the Plane and Body Position
  • Canopy Control and Landing
  • Emergency Procedures

To sign up, simply CONTACT us here and we will set a date and time.