There’s never been a better time to learn to skydive! Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures we have a team of highly experienced instructors that are ready to welcome you to this exhilarating sport! Here are the 5 Steps to Learn to Skydive:

a license skydiving contest in delta coloradoStep 1: Commit

A lot of people say want to go skydiving, but not many people follow through. At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we only teach those who are serious about skydiving! Skydiving is also a serious sport that requires a commitment of currency as each jump helps you conquer not only the skills, but the mental aptitude to deal with high stress situations.


Step 2: Choose A Course

At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures we train the Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) program either in a 3-Day or 7-Day Course progression.


Step 3: Sign Up

Remember when we said many say they want to go skydiving but never do? This is the moment where it gets real! When you sign up then it’s go time! Our team prepares to welcome you to begin your skydiving journey! Just note: this course payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Even though we do 3 and 7 days courses, sometimes weather and other conditions might require additional days to complete the course. The payment is good for one year from date of purchase.


Step 4: Start Training

The IAD, “first jump training course” is approximately four hours long. You will learn all about the equipment, exiting the airplane, body position, canopy flight and landing as well as emergency procedures. After the course and as long as weather permits, you’ll make your first jump and continue on until you’ve marked your 3 or 7 days of training.


Step 5: Earn Your License

At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we go above and beyond the national organization’s minimum training standards. This helps ensure your skills and confidence as you near the time of becoming a solo, licensed jumper. We require 30 jumps along with having met freefall, canopy and canopy landing skills.


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Why Choose Ultimate Skydiving Adventures to Learn to Skydive

The instructors at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures have over 30,000 skydives combined, are well-accomplished, have decades of experience, multi-instructional rated, passionate and ready to welcome you to this incredible sport!

Our Learn to Skydive Packages

3 Day Course – $1250

Commit 3 consecutive days and the program includes the initial first jump course, equipment, ground training and debriefs, and 10 jumps. Each consecutive jump is $125/each (includes instruction, gear rental and pack job) until an A-license is obtained.

7 Day Course – $3000

Commit 7 consecutive days and the program includes the initial first jump course, equipment, packing class, ground training and debriefs, license application fees and 30 jumps.

Fine Print: Course must be paid in full, is non-refundable, non-transferrable and expires in one year. There is no guarantee of passing each level and if they aren’t passed, or jumps are not made within 30 days, additional fees apply.  Fees may change without notice.

Learn to Skydive Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a licensed skydiver?
A skydiving license gives you the privilege to self-jump master yourself, jump with other licensed skydivers, and jump at other locations.

How many jumps does it take to earn the license?
30 jumps are required along with meeting certain freefall, canopy and landing criteria.

How long does it take to graduate and become a certified skydiver?
Some people graduate and earn their license in the 7 day course while others need more time. It is different for everyone.

What’s included?
Depending on which package you choose, the basics include the initial 4 hour ground training, equipment rental, ground training and debriefing for each jump, a dedicated instructor on each jump and the jumps themselves.

What is the IAD program?
IAD stands for Instructor Assisted Deployment. You will begin to jump solo from 3,500 feet and during the progression will you starting building on the experience to freefall jumps. On every jump you will focus on canopy training.

Can I do another type of training program or just do one jump?
Here at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures we train skydivers – not one jump wonders. It takes a lot of time to invest in each person and feel that this course gives a lot of value than other traditional programs. Thus, it is the only type of training we offer.

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Ready to make your dreams a reality and learn to skydive? We at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado are ready to train you to become a certified skydiver!