We know there are many skydiving centers you can choose to skydive at. Most all of them do the same thing: take people up in a plane and drop them out. If you’re on a quest to choose where to skydive, we’d love the opportunity to share with you on why you should choose us at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures on the western slope of Colorado!

The Culture

Skydiving is an incredible sport and can be overwhelming when you first step foot to a dropzone. There are colorful parachutes blossoming in the skies, yells of ‘yahoos’ and skydivers sharing high fives as they walk in from their jumps. There’s unfamiliar equipment, the sound of airplane engines roaring and a general feeling of good vibes swirling around.

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is made up of a team who is incredibly dedicated and passionate about the sport and they make you feel like you’ve just found a long-lost family. Bri – our Office Manager extraordinaire who’s made a handful of tandem skydives herself – is bubbly and friendly as well as genuinely happy you’ve come out to make your first skydive. She welcomes you as you walk in and shows you the way to register, settle in, and get your training started.

The main fellas at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures are Cody Irby, one of our instructors boasting over 8,000 skydives, is on the Denver Bronco demonstration team, is a USPA Safety and Training Advisor, video flyer, canopy coach and all around can-fix-it kinda guy! And Ben Lowe – the leader of the pack, the professor of professors,  jack of all trades in skydiving DZO who boasts over 11,000 skydives and the one who brought skydiving to the western slope of Colorado!


Skydiving welcomes an eclectic group of people and the team definitely embodies that! We are a group of passionate people who just love this sport, the people, and our work. Not only is this small, dedicated team stoked about what they do, between them they have a combined experience of over 50 years in the sport, and a jump total of 31,255+ (it keeps growing the more they jump)!! That’s so rare to have such experience on a small team like this!


The Skydiving Views

We’re often asked “where your favorite place to skydive is?” Usually, as experienced jumpers, it’s not about the views as your focused jumping with others creating formations and perfecting freefall and canopy skills. However, as tandem skydivers, the views are important as that’s all in your reference. And let us tell you, we have some spectacular skydiving views over on the Western Slope of Colorado! Here are a few:

Grand Mesa – the largest flat top mountain in the world boasting over 300 natural lakes and spanning nearly 800 square miles!

Gunnison Gorge – the dramatic landscape of the Gunnison is a sought after destination on the western slope for rafting, SUP, hiking, camping and more!

San Juan Mountains – the San Juan’s are simply majestic any time of the year from it’s snow capped tops, to blooming wildflowers!

Uncompaghre River – known for water sports but especially the fishing!

Saddle Mountain / Needle Rock – a photo worthy natural landscape we can see from the air! This volcanic wonder is iconic in our area!

Adobe Bad Lands – if you clicked on Needle Rock you probably are already ahead of us! Yes, the Adobe bad lands are such a sight alongside the other landscapes, giving this area such a textured look!

On really clear days we may even get a peek at Lone Cone (this is from the Netflix show “Ranch” starring Ashton Kutcher), and even the LaSalle Mountain Range in Utah!

skydive colorado ultimate skydiving adventures

Our Reviews

Whenever we check out a new product or a new place to eat, we always head to google to check out the reviews! We hope you do the same as you research a place to skydive near you or in Colorado! Here are some of our favorite reviews – but don’t just take our word for it, check out what people are saying on Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor!

Scott Grimes – Google
Only one word can describe the experience of your first jump, and that is surreal!! What an amazing experience and amazing staff. It was a day I’ll never forget and couldn’t have been better!! Thanks again Cody for getting me down safely! Thank you Bri and Ben for the amazing hospitality! Truly unforgettable!!
Michael Mancuso – Google
Had an awesome time at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures. The owner is very enthusiastic and made my friends and I very comfortable in experiencing our first jump. Also, the view of the Rockies on one side and the desert on the other was an amazing sight to see and I would definitely recommend USA to anyone interested in skydiving.
Jim Armstrong – Google
I did my first tandem at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures last Summer. I then enrolled in their A-license program and achieved a long-time goal of becoming a licensed skydiver. Ben Lowe and Cody Irby are phenomenal instructors. I’ve jumped at several drop zones and I’ve never seen the care and concern for students and experienced jumpers that I have at USA. The vibe here is very positive, friendly and encouraging. The entire staff makes you feel welcome and at home. It’s now my home away from home. Whether you’re interested in doing your first tandem, or you want to jump solo, this is the place. USA is a West Slope gem.
Lori W – Trip Advisor
Outstanding!!!!Amazing experience!! Thank you Ben,Cody, Joey, and Bri for this life changing opportunity! I didn’t think it could get better than my first tandem jump! Now taking the course has been more than I ever expected! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!

Kylie Grace – Facebook

Had so much fun jumping with my brother this morning! The team walked us through everything and were super friendly and confident. The whole process felt fun and secure. The plane ride was beautiful and the jump was amazing!! I feels so good to be up there – amazing views of Grand Mesa and the San Juan Skyway! Highly recommend, you will love it!


High Definition Photo / Video Packages

Ok, ok, we are totally biased that you should get the skydiving photo/video package – but let us tell you why! First, we hear so many people regret not getting it! Second, we have an equal number call us to see if there’s any way they can get it if they didn’t purchase onsite. Third, if its your first skydive – you never get a first twice! Trust us, it’s worth the investment!

We offer two packages:

  • HD Video Picture Package for $99* (*if purchased in advance, $109 day of purchase)
    This includes a nicely edited video of pre-jump interviews, shots in the plane on the way up, right before you jump and in freefall and under the canopy
  • Rockstar Package $179
    This also includes a nicely edited video of the above from the first person POV, but also outside video with a professional photographer. This gives you all perspectives of the jump!

skydive video picture package

Ready to Skydive?

If you’d like to learn more about us, check out our BLOG and/or our Facebook Page. You are also more than welcome to give us a RING if you have any other questions. If you’re ready to BOOK, click HERE and we’ll be ready and stoked to welcome you to this incredible sport of skydiving!


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