How old do you have to be to skydive is a common question when researching. The age varies from country to country and from skydiving center to skydiving center. The bottom line is as long as skydiving centers are following the Federal Aviation Regulations, they are allowed to impose their own restrictions. At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, the minimum age is seven (7) and the maximum age is seventy (70).

How Old Do I Have to be to Tandem Skydive in the US?

Tandem Skydiving Age Minimum Age Maximum Age
Ultimate Skydiving Adventures 7 70
Other Skydiving Centers 18 Varies

Minimum Skydiving Age Requirements

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures requires those aged between seven and seventeen (7-17) will need to have both biological parents’ consent, show proof of identity such as a birth certificate, state ID, or passport, and parents must prove their relationship to the jumper under the age of eighteen (18). We have had the honor to welcome over 300 kids from around the country to skydive since our opening in 2017! To learn more see our article on Can Kids Go Skydiving.

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Why is There a Maximum Age Requirement?

We have several unique conditions that we impose our own maximum age requirements due to safety. We operate out of Cessna 182’s which require a certain level of mobility, strength, and agility to climb in and out of the plane. For stability in freefall a certain body position is required and for landing a level of strength is needed to lift legs for landing. For that, we limit skydiving to age 70 at our skydiving center.

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How Old for Learning to Skydive

At Ultimate Skydiving Adventures, we have a saying, “We train skydivers!” We are very fortunate to have such a talented, innovative, and highly experienced instructional team to teach future skydivers, and they invest a lot into each person – for that, we only teach those that have a desire to commit to the 10-Jump Solo Course (appx 3-day course) or the 30-Jump A-License Course (appx 7-day course) to become certified after taking our online digital ground school.

Solo Skydiving Age  Minimum Age Maximum Age
Ultimate Skydiving Adventures 18 55
Other Skydiving Centers 18 Varies


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We are passionate about what we do and hold safety as the number one priority at our skydiving center. We would love the opportunity to welcome you to this great sport with a tandem skydive or to teach you to solo skydive and become certified. You can learn more about our team HERE, or if you’re ready to make the leap, leap over to click the Book Now button!



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