If you’ve searched Skydive Colorado, then you’ve landed (pun intended) on the right spot! We are so fortunate to skydive in this beautiful state and no matter where you choose to skydive in Colorado, it’s sure to be a gorgeous experience with the incredible terrain surrounding us! So why choose skydiving at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures in Delta, Colorado? Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, we don’t judge) and let us tell ya!

The Facilities

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures boasts about being the biggest-little dropzone as it has a hanger that houses the administrative office called manifest, student training rooms for tandems and solo skydivers, a rigging room for parachute maintenance, indoor parachute packing, restrooms, and a cozy place to hang out. The dropzone also has a quaint space to watch the skydivers land so spectators (not pets) are welcome to watch, with ample amount of parking close by.

The Team

Skydiving welcomes an eclectic group of people and the team definitely embodies that! We are a group of passionate people who just love this sport, the people, and our work. Not only is this small, dedicated team stoked about what they do, between them they have a combined experience of over 50 years in the sport, and a jump total of 31,255+ (it keeps growing the more they jump)!! That’s so rare to have such experience on a small team like this! Here – let’s meet them!

Ben Lowe
The leader of the pack, the professor of professors,  jack of all trades in skydiving, boasts over 11,000 skydives and the one who brought skydiving to the western slope of Colorado!

Bri – Manifest Office 
Bri was terrified to make her first skydive but was exhilarated after she landed. It took her a lot of courage to go up a second time, but after being around the dropzone, talking with other jumpers and watching so many jumps, she’s now racked up 5 tandem skydives and even says she’s starting to feel ready to go solo!


Cody Irby
Cody is an instructor extraordinaire boasting over 8,000 skydives, is on the Denver Bronco demonstration team, is a USPA Safety and Training Advisor, video flyer, canopy coach and all around can-fix-it kinda guy! Cody is also in the works of earning his Senior Riggers Ticket!


Joey Torsveit
Joey fell in love with skydiving after his first jump and quickly signed up to learn to solo skydive here with us at Ultimate Skydiving Adventures. In just under three years he’s racked up over 500 jumps, earned his D-license and is in the process of earning his instructional ratings.


Melissa Lowe
Melissa is a 3rd generation skydiver, AFF Instructor, Safety and Training Advisor, on the Highlight Pro Skydiving team, has over 11,000 skydives and 23 skydiving world records!


All About The Skydiving Views

Looking up a place to skydive in Colorado as a tandem skydiver, we know you want to know about the views. And boy do we have views out here on the western slope! Let’s check out some of the sights you’ll see on this side of the mountain:

Grand Mesa – the largest flat top mountain in the world boasting over 300 natural lakes and spanning nearly 800 square miles!

Gunnison Gorge – the dramatic landscape of the Gunnison is a sought after destination on the western slope for rafting, SUP, hiking, camping and more!

San Juan Mountains – the San Juan’s are simply majestic any time of the year from it’s snow capped tops, to blooming wildflowers!

Uncompaghre River – known for water sports but especially the fishing!

Saddle Mountain / Needle Rock – a photo worthy natural landscape we can see from the air! This volcanic wonder is iconic in our area!

Adobe Bad Lands – if you clicked on Needle Rock you probably are already ahead of us! Yes, the Adobe bad lands are such a sight alongside the other landscapes, giving this area such a textured look!

On really clear days we may even get a peek at Lone Cone (this is from the Netflix show “Ranch” starring Ashton Kutcher), and even the LaSalle Moutain Range in Utah!


skydive colorado views

Skydive Colorado

So if you’re on the quest of finding a skydiving in Colorado, please do your due diligence. Check out some of our reviews here, feel free to drop us a line, or heck, sign up for our newsletter to get great deets on all things skydiving with us on the western slope of Colorado!



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