Just saying the word skydiving can send a rush of adrenaline through your bones! One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What are the landings like?” We’re here to show you all about the tandem skydive landings!

Thankfully, parachutes have come a long way since the military days. Technology and innovative designs give parachutes more precision and control to skydivers.

Tandem skydiving is being harnessed by an experienced, trained instructor. Since the 2 of you are connected closely together, and since you the passenger are so new to the visuals of flying and landing the parachute – in order to keep from you and your instructor tangling up your legs like a 3-legged race, you will bend your knees to lift your legs and hold them up so the instructor’s leg space is clear. 

The most common landing is a butt slide, but sometimes, the conditions will be just right to stand up the landing. 



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